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How Does Mulching Work?

atlantic maintenance group mulching
Mulching has so many benefits to landscaping and garden-keeping.

Mulch — a source of contention for many homeowners. In fact, there is so much to understand about mulch. The reality is, it is difficult to decide what type of mulch is best for your lawn. But there are some key ways to better understand the different types of mulch out there and which are best suited for your needs. Here is a super helpful guide to understanding the nuances associated with mulching and the health of your lawn.

Understanding Mulch

Mulch is made from organic materials and compounds including: leaves, wood chips, grass clippings, pine straw, and bark trips. In fact, mulch can also be made from compost or even manure. Initially, mulch can seem difficult to maneuver. The reality is, mulch is traditionally known to be spread quite easily, but it does require some patience on the part of the homeowner. By properly mulching all around the trees in your lawn is a great way to save yourself time and money on landscaping services.

Preventing Erosion With Mulching

At it’s basic, mulch is needed to prevent soil erosion. In fact, weather elements such as wind, rain, and even sprinklers can leave your soil eroded. This is where mulching can become a game-changer to your lawn’s health.

Mulching Effectively Slows Evaporation 

While nutrients are important for people, they are incredibly important for soil. In fact, mulch is notorious for being a great way to slow any evaporation within your lawn or yard. Ultimately, mulching provides an excellent barrier to evaporation. The reality is, this barrier will truly be able to prevent the sun from ultimately reaching the soil in your lawn. 

Great Weed Growth Protector

Mulch also serves as a wonderful way to prevent weed growth from ruining your lawn. In fact, when weed seeds are ever exposed to the sun, they will germinate. As a result, fighting that spread by incorporating mulch into your lawn is a great way to prevent weeds from sprouting and ruining your lawn. Relying on the professionals to help you properly lay your mulching to maximize its benefits can be key to a healthy lawn for years to come. 

All of Your Landscaping Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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