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How to Adequately Take Good Care of Your Trees This Spring

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As our plant life begins to grow again during the spring season, you should give your trees the care and attention they need after surviving the winter.

Winter is a tough season for trees, especially in the Mid-Atlantic region. Snow and ice storms put a lot of stress on trees while they are dormant, leading to damage. As our plant life begins to grow again during the spring season, you should give your trees the care and attention they need after surviving the winter. You can ensure they will continue to grow and provide a presence in your yard for years to come. Here’s how you can excellently take care of your trees this spring.

Take a Closer Look at the Trees

Inspecting your trees should give you an idea of their shape as the spring begins. You’ll want to look for signs of winter damage – trees can suffer from frostbite, which takes the form of brown or black plant matter. In addition, check for any signs of dead wood as well. Once you have a vision of what your trees are looking like, it may be time to call in an experienced tree pruner for help in safely clearing away any diseased or dead limbs. Ensure all weeds and excess debris are removed from the area surrounding the tree’s base to ensure all necessary nutrients aren’t being diverted away from the tree roots.

Give Trees Plenty of Water

Water helps stimulate the growth of strong roots and is necessary after a long-dormant season. Check the soil moisture about 4-6 inches below the surface once a week. This soil should be moist but not completely wet. A general rule of thumb for watering trees is 10 gallons of water for every inch of trunk diameter – but as the tree grows, water less often. If you use a sprinkler system to water your trees, inspect the system to ensure it is still functioning correctly. Replace any spray heads that aren’t, and patch up any leaks that you might find.

Check Mulch Levels

Mulch is essential in helping soil retain moisture and preventing the growth of new weeds around the base of a tree trunk. You should target a 3-5 inch layer of mulch around the bottom of the tree – this should also extend outwards from the base around a foot in all directions.

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