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How to Deal with Standing Water

How to Deal with Standing Water Atlantic Maintenance Group
One of the first things you’ll want to do when it comes to standing water in your yard is to find the culprit.

Unfortunately, people will have to deal with standing water in their homes at some point in their lives. Having standing water in your home — especially if you have a basement is all too common. However, removing the standing water and knowing the best practices to deal with any standing water can help better protect your home from mold and other bacteria that may arise. Here are some of the best ways you can deal with standing water present in your home effectively and efficiently.

Standing Water In Your Yard

Having standing water in the home is one thing but having it on your lawn and yard is a whole other issue that will need to be tackled. One of the first things you’ll want to do when it comes to standing water in your yard is to find the culprit. One of the reasons you might be dealing with standing water is that your soil is unable to drain correctly. Making sure your soil does drain effectively and efficiently becomes increasingly important. If this is the issue in your yard, the best way to remedy it is to amend clay soil with some organic matter. This means you can use some compost to break down the soil profile itself. 

Proper Thatch And Compaction

Clay isn’t always the only thing that can hinder your soil. Lawn thatch and compaction are also harmful to your yard’s soil. So how can you remedy this issue? The solution lies in two different options. Depending on the amount of thatch that needs to be fixed, the first thing you can do is to dethatch. Detaching involves using a specific rake called a dethatching rake to remove any mild thatch in your yard. The other option — for more severe cases can be solved effectively and efficiently by aerating your lawn. Both options work depending on just how severe the issue is. 

Bottom Line

Having a lawn that continues to look good year-round involves maintaining it. Standing water can be a massive detriment to your lawn. As a result, knowing how to deal with standing water can make a massive difference in the health of your lawn and the soil as well.  

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