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How to Protect Your Deck in Cold Weather

How to Protect Your Deck in Cold Weather

You might be curious how the change in seasons affects the hardscaping features around your home, especially the deck.

December is here. That means that winter weather is getting closer every day. The sun spends less time outside of the clouds, and the temperature keeps dropping, too. You might be curious how the change in seasons affects the hardscaping features around your home, especially the deck. 

Add More Sealant 

When it comes to keeping your deck safe in the winter, adding more sealant is a good way to start. Wooden decks need to be maintained no matter what time of the year it is, but it becomes even more important when it is cold outside. A high-quality sealant can help extend the lifespan of your deck. That means that ice, rain, wind, and sleet won’t be able to get in through any cracks that might be present. 

Clean It Up

By cleaning your deck, you can ensure that it will last longer. Get rid of any clutter on your deck to prevent stubborn stains from forming. Also, do your best to remove any signs of mold or mildew. Using bleach-free deck cleaners can also help you prevent the colors warping or starting to fade or change. 

Deal with Snow 

Snow hasn’t hit our area yet. But it won’t be long until it does. Eventually, you will have to deal with it. Even though it seems tedious, getting rid of the snow and moisture can help protect your deck and prevent water damage to it. For best results, use a plastic shovel instead of a metal one. That way, you won’t leave scratches behind while clearing the snow. 

Lay Down a Tarp 

One easy way to help save your deck during cold weather is to put a tarp down on it. This tarp can help keep the snow off the surface of your outdoor living space and help ensure that mold and mildew won’t weaken the structural integrity of the deck itself. 

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