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How to Spot Erosion and How to Combat it

soil erosion

We can’t completely stop a natural process like erosion, but we can delay it and repair the damages so that we don’t ruin our landscapes by ignoring it.

Erosion happens to every patch of Earth that comes into contact with water.  It’s unavoidable, over time.  We can’t completely stop a natural process like erosion, but we can delay it and repair the damages so that we don’t ruin our landscapes by ignoring it.  But what is erosion, and why does it cause so much damage?  If you think you’re having an erosion issue in your yard, read on to figure out what to do about it.

What is erosion?


Erosion is a natural, gradual process that occurs when running water carries sediment away.  So, a ledge near a running stream is going to be slowly eaten away at because the water is constantly taking away sediment.  This can be a problem for areas in your yard that are subject to running water or heavy pockets of rainwater.  You can tell if the areas in your landscape are more at risk if you spot these factors:


  • Humid climate
  • Poor soil quality
  • Annual rainfall is heavy
  • Soil has been disturbed


If you’ve recently done construction or planted a large number of vegetation, it’s possible your risk for erosion is much higher.


How can you prevent it?


Have a professional take a look at your lawn, because they’ll be able to determine if it’s at risk for erosion or not.  If you think you can make this evaluation yourself, look for telling signs.  Exposed rock and plant roots are a significant sign of erosion, especially around recently disturbed soil or new plants.  If the water running away from your lawn after a rainstorm is muddy, this is also an indicator that your lawn is at risk or currently being eroded.  To prevent that, you can use rocks to block prominent streams that are going to form gullies.  Planting lots of vegetation can also help cut down on the effects of erosion.  There’s also the option of a retaining wall, or fixing the way your gutters drain.  Downspouts can often cause erosion issues with the foundation of your house if they are too close.


Bottom line?  Call us Atlantic Maintenance Group.


We’ll have professionals out there quickly to take a look at your landscape, to make sure erosion isn’t wrecking your yard.  If we need to, we can offer you plenty of solutions that will work for you.


If you are looking for help transforming your yard into something that stays beautiful in the heat of summer and the chill of winter, Atlantic Maintenance Group is ready to help you with our variety of landscaping, asphalt, snow removal, and concrete maintenance services. We are experts in our field and we are prepared to meet your needs with a price and product that will leave you grinning. If you’re interested in getting a free quote or more information, visit us online or give us a call at (410) 768-4720. To see examples of our work and stay up to date on our specials, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.


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