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How to Tastefully Hide Outside Objects with Plants and Shrubs


How can you hide outside objects with plants and shrubs?

If you’re of a certain mind, always with a spare pair of garden gloves in your back pocket, tending to think in shades of green—whether or not the tip of a certain digit is green—your lawn may sometimes feel like a vast tapestry at your disposal for self-expression. Your lawn exists as, well, itself -but also—perhaps more richly—as the ideal vision you possess of it, what it could be.

Others see some grass here, bushes, and also, that enormous 47-year-old AC unit in all its peeling sickly gray-yellow splendor. That one might be tough to miss! 

Once you’ve read these surprisingly simple suggestions, you’ll have a brand new set of gardening tools to dig around with. And so, how to discretely and expertly hide any undesirable outdoor objects—with nothing but plants!

Hedges for Hiding. Who Knows What!

Hedges are great for concealing outdoor eyesores and especially well-suited for larger “objects” that have set down unwelcome roots in your yard. Hedges grow so quickly and group so naturally well together.

  • Of course, one hedge size does not fit all. But whether your efforts are commercially or personally focused on a given day, there is a hedge for the job. Consider the Sheared Privet for your at-home-hiding efforts. There’s a good reason Privets seem to be (tastefully) taking over the northeast: they’re gorgeous, versatile, and extremely cooperative. Privets are easy to trim—to whatever exact or irregular specifications you may require—and respond well to trimming. They’re easy to shape, group well, and lend themselves nicely to linking with others to form a makeshift wall or fence around… whatever outdoor object needs hiding.
  • Green Giants will live up to their name quickly, given a chance. These fellas can grow to be over four stories tall! Not on your watch, though. You’ll find ideal use for them in covering up unsightly panels, pipes, outlets, or miscellaneous imperfections in the siding that may be hard to reach but hard to miss. 

Sprucing Your Lawn Up So Sneakily and Stylishly

  • Apart from being outright majestic, spruces are another ally-in-waiting here, eager to join the cause: the Norway Spruce! -Now, with a tree that wants to be 100 feet tall, it’s natural if you feel intimidated or nervous over the prospect. You’ll soon see that this bunch’s verdancy and overwhelming beauty will make them envy the very neighbors upon whom you’re so slowly pulling a fast one by covering up.
  • Now that all external objects have been tastefully hidden with shrubs and plants and the like, the Colorado Blue Spruce squad is on trial. They’ll be outright magical come the holidays.

Foundation Plantings to Hide Low Objects

  • Here, though mercifully less brief, very much the icing on the cake. Foundation plantings have a dual role, and they play it well: taking up (or, as needed, certainly covering) up terrain.
  • Catmint would be a fitting choice; lovely purple flowers, and this is their blooming season, to boot. -And they only grow about four feet tall.
  • Try a Korean Spice Viburnum. While these six-footers are more than equal to the task should some foundational outside object require quick concealing, I’m presently more curious about their legendary spice cake aroma cake.

Yardwork can be a slog. It is every bit the labor of love, but on the days when our “yard-yards” and “dream-yards” don’t seem too-too dissimilar, those are the little pay-off moments that keep gardeners digging in the dirt for life.

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