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How to Identify and Treat Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion

Soil erosion can wreak havoc on your landscape. Learn the signs and what to do about it.

Soil erosion might seem like a fact of life, and to a certain degree it is, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take a toll on the health of your landscaping and property. Soil erosion can actually take away the good parts of your soil (nutrients) and put nothing in their place. Here are some easy ways to identify and treat soil erosion around your property.

How Can I Identify Soil Erosion?

Soil erosion occurs over time, so you might not suddenly notice any of the following. Keep in mind that if you have no current strategy for stabilizing soil or preventing erosion, it is almost certainly currently occurring on and around your property. Look for the following:

  • Wet patches: puddles can gather and settle where the run-off from your property is, as water carries away soil
  • Cracks: after soil leaves its original place and goes somewhere else, you might begin to notice cracks in the soil. These cracks form due to the loss of nutrient-rich soil and the intense dryness of the ground.
  • Gullies: If you notice a small riverbed-like gully in your yard, it could be as a result of water and soil run-off. You can actually follow the gully to see where the soil and water from your property are ending up.
  • Failing Plants: plants in your yard rely on healthy and nutrient-rich soil to stay healthy, so if you have plants in one part of your yard that are failing as a group, erosion might be the culprit.

How Can I Treat Soil Erosion?

Soil erosion can be a costly problem to offset if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are our top 3 strategies for preventing erosion:

  • Install plants, including grasses and flowers, to anchor the soil and prevent it from leaving or shifting.
  • Lay down mulch over plant beds or other plant-free areas to prevent the soil from shifting and losing nutrients.
  • Build a retaining wall to keep soil in place.

Soil Erosion Treatment from Atlantic Maintenance Group

If you are looking for help keeping your residential or commercial property free from soil erosion or other lawn diseases, Atlantic Maintenance Group is ready to help you with our variety of landscaping, asphalt, snow removal, and concrete maintenance services. We are experts in our field and we are prepared to meet your needs with a price and product that will leave you grinning. If you’re interested in getting a free quote or more information, visit us online or give us a call at (410) 768-4720. To see examples of our work and stay up to date on our specials, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

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