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Is Mildew Starting Trouble in your Landscape?

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Don’t let mildew get you down!

Mildew can affect your plants if you don’t properly protect against it. It can spread all around your garden and landscape pretty quickly, making your once beautiful yard into a disaster. So, how can you protect your yard against the spread of mildew? Well, we’ve got the scoop this week. So, ready to check it out?

Spotting the Trouble

Mildew can grow when the weather is mild, the humidity is high, the sunlight is scarce, and your plants are dry. You can tell that the mildew party has begun on your plants when you see little white or grey spots beginning to form on the leaves. This can also spread to the stalk, petals of flowers, and beyond if you don’t jump on it. Now, the infection can spread quickly if you don’t act quickly, so try to avoid setting up the perfect climate for mildew to appear. Make sure your plants are planted with enough space for air to flow and make sure they are properly watered.

Fighting Mildew

A lot of the products on the market are designed to prevent mildew from growing, so what can you do once it has begun to destroy your landscape? Well, one of the best things you can do is to try and rinse the flowers off. If the mildew hasn’t totally settled in then it should rinse right off. The next thing you can do is use a little Neem oil from India. It’s a great little disease control effort. It also works to benefit helpful insects while keeping the bad ones away. Give it a try.

Ready to get rid of that troublesome mildew?

If you want to prepare your landscape for spring, call the Atlantic Maintenance Group. The Atlantic Maintenance Group is a full service landscaping company, providing weed control, lawn fertilization, aeration, tree and shrub care, leaf removal, design and construction. To get your free quote today, give us a call at 410-768-4720 or contact us via our website today. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Google+ to see how we’re growing!

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