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Keep Your Trees Thriving with These Fall Tree Care Tips

atlantic maintenance group fall tree care

If you need fall tree care, contact Atlantic Maintenance Group in Glen Burnie at 410-768-4720!

Fall is the best time to go outside and enjoy the crisp weather and autumn leaves. It’s also an essential season for tree care! While fall tree care is critical, many of the following services are necessary year-round. If you need fall tree care, contact Atlantic Maintenance Group in Glen Burnie at 410-768-4720!  


Applying a new layer of mulch around your trees adds organic matter to the soil, maintains soil temperature, and conserves moisture. Remember to rake or eliminate the old mulch away before applying a fresh layer. Also, you should use the mulch to a depth of about up to 4 inches, avoiding contact with the trunk.

Hydrate Your Trees

Fall tree care is ideal because it gives your trees enough water to help them survive winter. In addition, homeowners in Maryland should water deeply and thoroughly one to two times weekly, focusing on the vital root zone. Also, the soil must stay moist but not saturated.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Since trees are dormant during autumn and winter, it’s an excellent time for yearly tree trimming and pruning. Also, tree trimming allows you to control the tree’s shape and enhance its structure. Moreover, tree pruning is important for tree maintenance and keeping your property safe.

Furthermore, tree trimming and pruning can be hazardous without the skills of a tree care company, so always contact us to ensure the task is done safely. This will maximize tree health benefits!

Tree Inspection

When the leaves fall from your trees, you have more visibility to examine them for signs of pests, diseases, and mold. Plus, you might be able to spot structural problems and take the steps to correct them before they become dangerous.

Plus, some weaker trees or limbs might require additional reinforcements to combat winter weather conditions. Also, support cables can stabilize the tree’s structure, allowing it to maintain its integrity during strong winds and storms. However, cabling cannot keep dying or dead trees from falling apart.

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