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Keeping Your Trees Safe from Wind Damage

Keeping Your Trees Safe from Wind Damage

Trees are just like any other piece of your commercial landscape and require a fair amount of maintenance.

Trees are just like any other piece of your commercial landscape and require a fair amount of maintenance. Proper tree maintenance is especially important when a tree is still young and trying to grow. When a tree is young or just planted, it is more easily susceptible to damage than a full-grown tree. This is problematic when it comes to wind damage striking down on the young tree. To best protect your growing tree from the harmful wind damage, you will need to take the steps needed to keep it safe. By listening to the following advice, you will no longer have to worry about wind damage and can look forward to one day, having a mature tree on your property.

Prune Your Tree

To keep your tree safe from wind damage, remember to prune it. Pruning is an absolute necessity in wind damage protection for trees. Strong winds place an enormous amount of stress on the limbs of trees, which is troublesome enough before accounting for dead or damaged branches weighing the tree down as well. Additionally, by pruning the tree, you will be creating less surface area, which will result in less pressure on the tree during windy days.

Monitor Health

You need to make sure your tree is healthy and not diseased if you want to keep it safe from the wind. When you feel healthy, it feels like you can take on any obstacle that comes your way. The same notion remains true for trees as well, as a healthy tree is better suited to withstand wind damage than a diseased one would. If your tree is showing signs of illness, it is likely to have weaker branches and roots. Make sure you address the diseased tree right away so that it can return to its healthy state.

Move the Tree

If it turns out your tree was planted in an area where it is more susceptible to wind damage, then your only option may be to move it. Fortunately, when trees are still young, they can easily be moved without a problem. Consider moving them closer to your home or building, or perhaps surrounding the tree with bushes to protect it from the wind.

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