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Landscape Care After Fresh Sod Installation

Landscape Care After Fresh Sod Installation
What kind of care does your landscape need after sod installation? Let’s address some of the most common landscape care questions.

While some people are opting for grass-alternatives, for many, the sight of a uniform, freshly mown lawn is a thing of beauty. It looks tidy, well-kept, and professional, and it helps prevent erosion. If your yard is a patchwork of different grass types, it can be hard to achieve this desired look. That’s why many people opt for sod installation over grass seed. But what kind of care does your landscape need after sod installation? Let’s address some of the most common landscape care questions.

How Much Should We Water?

New sod needs consistent watering, especially if it is installed during the summer. Generally, you need to water enough to keep the sod and ground moist throughout the day for two weeks. Make sure that you also water throughout the day on the first day after sod installation. If the sod gets dry on that first day, it could shrink and leave bare spots.

How Long Should We Water?

On the first day, water the lawn for at least 45 minutes. All subsequent watering sessions should be about 15-20 minutes each, and you need to water at least twice a day. 

What Time Should We Water?

It is best to water in the early morning or late evening since those times of day tend to be less hot and sunny. Therefore, you’ll see less evaporation. During the first two weeks after sod installation, try to water during both of those times.

Should We Fertilize?

Fertilizing after sod installation is a great idea. A quality fertilizer can help the lawn thrive and ensure strong, secure root growth. For the most part, liquid fertilizers work best for sod because they penetrate the surface.

When Should We Mow?

After sod installation, wait at least five weeks before you mow. If you cut too soon, you might cut too close to the root growth and damage the sod.

How Long Does It Take to Root?

New sod takes root within 10-14 days if it is taken care of after installation. During that time, you need to make sure that you water enough, avoid walking or running on the new sod, and avoid mowing so that the roots have their best chance.

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