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How Not To Landscape in Maryland: Part 2.

Continuing our series from last week on common landscaping mistakes, The Atlantic Maintenance Group is here with some more tips on how to steer-clear of easily avoidable landscaping mistakes.landscaping

Poor Plant Positioning

While this is a pretty broad topic that can get into some advanced landscaping, you’d be surprised how many Maryland homeowners ignore some of the most basic principles of plant placement when designing their lawn. Often this is a result of design over time, placing plants as their purchased rather than working from a blueprint, which is why it pays to have a plan and a landscaping company with experience in designing them. It’s important to think about any plant in terms of when and where you’ll be looking at it, it’s fully grown size, and to remember the general principle that large groupings always have more visual payoff than  dispersing plants evenly across a yard.

Premature Pruning

Many amateur Maryland landscapers take great pride in keeping ahead of their bushes and shrubs, running out, shears in hand, when they get the pruning itch. This can often cause plant death or prevent blooming. Make sure to research when the best time to prune your shrubs is and adhere to a schedule, or consider calling a professional landscaping company.

Want to Avoid the Hassle and Mistakes of DIY Landscaping?

Call the Atlantic Maintenance Group. Don’t waste money making costly mistakes over and over again while still failing to achieve your perfect landscape, call a professional that can get the job done affordably and right the first time.

We are your source for complete landscape and facility maintenance for commercial and residential properties throughout Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. We are a self-performing landscaping company, meaning we don’t hire subcontractors, and senior management is involved with every project. Our highly trained team of professionals receives constant, ongoing education on the latest industry trends, updates and safety measures. This ensures we can deliver outstanding customer service and results to our clients, regardless of the size of your job.

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Remember to check back next week for Part 3 in our series on How Not to Landscape!

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