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Landscaping Design Ideas for Fall

aatlantic maintenance group landscaping design ideas for Fall

One of our favorite landscaping design ideas for fall is to start composting!

Even though everything may look less-than-vibrant, fall is actually a great time to work on your landscape. Soil is easier to dig because fall is less rainy and warm enough. Fall also usually brings moderate temperatures, perfect for spending a lot of time outside. If you know what you’re doing, you can even find great deals at plant nurseries, which offer steep discounts during fall-off months.

If you plan to work on your landscape soon, take advantage of these landscaping design ideas for fall. It’s a great season to change your outdoor space, and we have plenty of ideas for you to get started.

Start Composting

One of our favorite landscaping design ideas for fall is to start composting! People often think of composting as a way to get rid of scraps from the kitchen, but it can go so much further. Raking up fall leaves and using them to line your flower beds can help give them plenty of much-needed nutrients. If you dislike how that looks, look into a mulching leaf vacuum/blower. Their attached bag helps instantly turn leaves into mulch, making it easy to spread into your garden.

Use Container Plants

Potted plants can make any outdoor area look just a tad nicer. You can bring them indoors when it gets too cold outside to help keep them healthy through the colder fall days and winter. One of the best landscaping design ideas for fall: pair succulents with pansies and violas. You can pot the succulents and put them indoors, giving you something to look at even through the winter.

Trees and Shrubbery

The fall season is also the perfect time to plant evergreen trees and other trees and shrubs, including deciduous ornamental trees and shrubs. This may include a mix of Sargent crabapples, weeping cherries, and Japanese maples—all of which are fantastic options. When considering broadleaf evergreen foliage, look into Delaware Valley White azaleas or Mt. Fire Andromeda which can both hold up well to cold weather. Anything you plant in the fall will need extra care but we think it’s 100% worth it.

Add Some Fruit

Adding some shrubs and trees with fruits or berries can help your garden’s fall look. Unsure of where to start? We recommend bayberry, sumacs, roses, Scarlet firethorn, chokeberries, elderberries, and winterberries. All of these will bring beautifully colored fruit to your landscape.

All of Your Landscaping Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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