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Landscaping Ideas for Fall

With all the reds and yellows surrounding you, you may not associate fall with growth and landscaping. Most of us tend to think of spring or even summer as being ideal times for this kind of thing; but ask any landscaping expert, and they’ll tell you fall is a good time to work on these kinds of projects. Autumn is a great season for planting, pruning, lawn renovations, or adding irrigation thanks to its increased moisture and relatively cool temperatures. It’s also vital that you plan ahead for the coming winter months when adjustments are harder to make. If you’re considering upping your landscaping game this fall, you may want to consider some of these bright ideas.

Landscaping Ideas for Fall
If you’re considering upping your landscaping game this fall, you may want to consider some of these bright ideas.

Your Lawn

Autumn is the perfect time to maintain, refresh, or completely replace your lawn. From September to November, you have the ideal window to take a hard look at one of the most critical parts of your landscaping efforts: your lawn. It’s especially crucial that you take the steps to winterize your lawn with winterizing fertilizer, which helps keep everything alive as your grass enters a dormant winter period. Some other lawn projects you may want to tackle include thatching, aerating, or over-seeding, depending on what your yard needs. As far as regular maintenance goes, the only thing you need to be concerned about beyond business as usual is making sure to keep falling leaves off of your lawn. Just because your grass is entering a dormant state doesn’t mean it needs less sunlight, water, or airflow than it usually does.

Plants, Shrubs, and Trees

A larger landscaping task may involve planting new trees, shrubs, or some other kind of plant to make your yard look nicer. Fall provides a great environment for new plants to take hold and really thrive in your environment. Cooler temperatures and more rain than usual can both contribute to plants rooting and help reduce the initial shock of transplanting a plant. This also leaves you with the maximum amount of time before the extreme heat of the next summer. We suggest thinking about what kinds of shrubs or trees you want in your landscape and trying to develop a plan before the end of fall.

Irrigation and Drainage

Don’t forget about your irrigation and drainage approaches, which ought to be reconsidered before winter rolls around. Fall is the perfect time to assess the state of your systems and determine and problem areas. You want to make sure everything is properly winterized before temperatures drop below freezing.

All of Your Landscaping Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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