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Landscaping Tips for Enhancing Your Home This Fall

atlantic maintenance group enhancing your home this fall

Cleaning the exterior of your property is also another way of enhancing your home this fall.

Starbucks has brought out their yearly pumpkin lattes. That means unpacking your scarves and sweaters, and thinking about your Halloween costume. The end of summer and the beginning of autumn also indicate that homeowners should begin to prepare their exterior property for the harsh winter. Here are some landscaping tips for enhancing your home this fall.

Eliminate Dead Foliage

Just like you wash and mend your summer clothing before storing it for the winter, you’ll want to remove any dead leaves, plants, and branches before winter. This will make your landscape look cleaner and less neglected. In addition, eliminating dead landscaping includes cutting back dead annuals, grass, shrubs, perennials, and tree branches. It would also help to rake leaves and fix any dead or brown patches on your lawn.

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Clean the Outside of Your Home

Cleaning the exterior of your property is also another way of enhancing your home this fall. So, pay attention to the house when you prepare your yard and garden for the fall. With an absence of leaves on the trees, the state of your windows, siding, and roof is more visible. So, wash the windows, clear out any leaves and debris from the gutters, and provide the outside with a fresh coat of paint. This will do wonders to refresh your home’s appearance.

Mow the Lawn

Moreover, make sure to mow your lawn one last time in the fall to preserve it. As the season progresses, the mowing height must be adjusted upward so that by September you are mowing up to 2.5 inches. Also, raising your mower height throughout the growing season will result in a thick, beautiful turf.

Mulch Your Plants and Trees

Mulching in the autumn is also a good way for enhancing your home this fall. In addition, spreading 2-3 inches of fresh mulch around the base of a plant or tree will enrich and insulate the soil, protect roots from frost, keep weeds down, and retain moisture.

Plant New Shrubs

Even though many people think of planting new shrubs in the spring, autumn can be better. Planting in the fall provides several benefits when adding trees and shrubs to your landscape. This is because the combination of warm soil and cool air promotes root growth to help your shrub or tree establish.

All of Your Landscaping Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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