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Late Winter Lawn Care Concerns to Keep an Eye On

Late Winter Lawn Care

With a little care, this late winter lawn will transform into a vibrant spring lawn!

With the spring a little more than a month away, you might be starting to dream about your green lawn coming in bloom soon. Or, perhaps, you’re preparing to tackle a brown lawn and help it start to thrive again. In either case, there are going to be some late winter damage and issues that you’ll have to take care of for your lawn to start growing again once the spring rolls around. What are the late winter lawn care concerns that you should keep your eye on?

Ice Formation Damage

Ice formation on lawns can pose a problem owing to the need for atmospheric gasses to exchange freely with soil gasses. If rain falls on the lawn, quickly changes into ice, and is then covered by snow, this can hinder this free exchange. While it is a rare phenomenon, it does happen.

Salt Damage

Deicing agents are a necessity in the winter for the roadways, but they kill the grass nearby by pulling water from turfgrass cells. And you might not even recognize the problem right away! Usually the problem becomes apparent once the healthy grass around it starts to grow and turn green. While reseeding this turf is the solution, often it is too late in the season to do so and have the new grass not die under the blazing summer sun. So identifying these dead areas as soon as possible is key.

Pest Damage

Mounds and tunnels created by little moles and voles in your lawn can be an eyesore once the spring sets in. However, this is not a major problem. In the spring and summer, lawns generally grow faster than the pests can damage them. Still, if these critters are damaging your landscaping, gardening, or trees, it may be worth starting to look into damage prevention measures.

Snow Mold

Snow mold is a problem for some lawns, but luckily the disease only affects the crown of the grass, so you should expect your lawn to recover when the weather warms up. However, if you notice a stiff mat on the top of your lawn, you should have this raked away as it might impede new grass blades from emerging.

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