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Leaf Removal Do’s and Don’ts

Leaf Removal Do’s and Don’ts Atlantic Maintenance Group
Fall is around the corner, so you can expect to do plenty of leaf removal.

Fall is around the corner, so you can expect to do plenty of leaf removal. And even though leaves may seem pretty and colorful scattered leaves can be a hassle to clean up when they’re all over your lawn. 

While some people may enjoy raking leaves, others may view it as a terrible chore they have to squeeze into their already busy schedules. Leaf removal doesn’t have to be so difficult to do and can become more enjoyable; by following these do’s and don’ts, leaf removal might become something you enjoy doing.

Don’t Ditch Leaf RemovalClean Up

It may be tempting to skip leaf cleanup as a whole but don’t if you’re looking to have a healthy, jaw-dropping lawn next year. You have to take out the rake that’s been collecting dust—leaving a thick layer of fallen leaves at the top of your yard — particularly fescue and bluegrass. Not removing your leaves can also prevent sunshine from reaching, leading to mold, bacteria, weed seeds, pests, etc. So, by spring, your lawn will be unhealthy and patchy. Leaf removal can help this from happening, so it’s essential to at least rake several times. 

Do Feel Free To Shred Leaves

If you feel like leaf removal is too time-consuming with a rake, there is a solution for you. You can turn fallen leaves into mulch by using your lawnmower. However, if your lawnmower doesn’t have a mulching option, you can adjust the blades to the highest setting and mow right through the leaves. The shredded foliage will slowly but surely break down through winter, which will provide nutrients to the grass underneath.

Don’t Break Your Back

It’s a common theme: By the time you’re done with removing leaves, your yard looks fantastic, but your back doesn’t. To help prevent back pain, you want to make sure the rake you’re using is long enough, so you don’t have to get too low. With leaf removal, you want to keep your knees slightly bent and your back at an angle, reaching your arms instead of bending from your waist.

 Remember to rake in small portions towards yourself rather than away from your body. Give yourself at least a 15-minute break or so and get back into it.

Do Use The Right Tools

For basic cleanup, a leaf rake is a proper tool to use. Usually, these rakes are long and somewhat flexible. In comparison to leaf rakes, garden rakes are much shorter and unsuitable for leaf removal, so it’s essential not to confuse the two. If you’re not the biggest fan of leaf rakes, you may also want to invest in a leaf blower, which works quickly to move leaves into a pile for cleanup.

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