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The Magic of Core Aeration For Your Lawn

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Here are some little-known benefits of annual or biannual lawn core aeration to keep your lawn impeccably gorgeous.

Everyone knows that landscaping care is essential to maintaining a perfect American lawn. Without it, lawns would be completely overgrown and hard to manage, attracting unwanted insects and other pesky critters.  However, most people think of landscaping as processes that must be performed quite often, like pruning, edging, and other weeding. They often neglect to think about other less frequent processes of lawn care, such as core aeration. Although core aeration is only recommended once or twice a year, it is an extremely important process in preserving your lawn’s health and making it grow healthy and beautifully. Here are some little-known benefits of annual or biannual lawn core aeration to keep your lawn impeccably gorgeous.

Aeration Keeps Your Lawn Healthy

If you didn’t already know what core aeration is, it’s the process of running a specialized machine over your lawn grass with the intent to remove plugs of soil or thatch from the top layers of grass. Plugs are detrimental to lawn health because they block out sunlight and water from reaching the roots of the grass plants. Unfortunately, plugs are not preventable since they can be caused by walking on the lawn or by the windy and rainy weather of spring. But, via core aeration, they can be removed easily, allowing for your lawn to have some room to breathe and grow. Core aeration is most recommended in the fall once the rainy months have subsided but can be performed during any time of the year.

It Promotes Grass Growth

If you tend to use your lawn a lot for barbeques, get-togethers, or pool parties, you’ll probably notice that your lawn might have a few bald spots. Lawns are not invincible, and surprisingly, frequent foot traffic can affect germination rates by increasing soil plugs. When this happens, it’s time to fill in the bald spots with either new grass sod or overseeding. But did you know that overseeding and core aeration make a truly excellent pair? This is because aeration allows for more nutrients to be absorbed into the soil, which can greatly benefit the baby grass. When there are more nutrients in the soil, this promotes the rate of germination, which will in time sprout into healthy grass. 

Aeration Improves Pest Resilience

Core aeration greatly increases the strength and durability of each grass plant’s individual roots. This means it is able to grow stronger to prevent being eaten or uprooted by annoying pests like rabbits or groundhogs. In addition, it also becomes more resistant to disease and underground pests like insects and mold.

All of Your Lawn Care Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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