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Maintain Your Glen Burnie Property with Retaining Walls

atlantic maintenance group retaining walls glen burnie

Enhance your Glen Burnie backyard by adding retaining walls.

The solution is retaining walls if a hilly area or slope limits your Glen Burnie property. Retaining walls create functional, pleasing space by changing hills into a flat zone ideal for turf or patio. Enhance your landscape design with these creative outdoor features.

Designing a Terrace in Your Glen Burnie Property

A terrace provides a lovely view into your backyard and usually has space for outdoor furniture or a patio set. Retaining walls can provide the required structure and a wooden deck or stone pavers to complete the terrace. Also, retaining walls keep the soil to remove a sloping yard with the help of a gravel base and tiebacks. Just apply a railing to the top spot on the high retainers to prevent potential accidents, and enjoy your terrace’s view.  

In addition, finish off your retaining wall and terrace design with deep stairs and wall caps. Also, consider adding water features into the layout and use the retaining wall materials during your landscaping to provide a solidarity appearance.  

Enhanced Gardens for Your Home

Furthermore, sloped gardens come with several challenges. Many plants will not succeed most of the time. One cost-effective solution to enhancing your garden: install a retaining wall. Short retaining walls can perform as garden edgers and stabilize the raised beds. In addition, raised garden beds stop pests to allow soil improvement. Also, retaining walls change the steepest slope into a successful raised bed ideal for various flowers, plants, and vegetables. 

Materials To Build Retaining Walls

Moreover, stone is commonly used to build retaining walls because of its shape and longevity. Also, concrete bricks and natural stone are great for retaining walls of every height and length. Additionally, wood timbers (4x4s or 6x6s) are affordable for retaining walls. They can be built with minimum struggle and secured with rebar and hardware.

Retaining walls allow you to make the best use of your Glen Burnie outdoor space. Design a terrace or raised bed with wood timbers or stone and live well in your backyard. Call the Atlantic Maintenance Group if you want to prepare your landscape for summer.  

All of Your Landscaping and Asphalt Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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