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Maintaining Grass in Severe Heat

To help you make sure your grass looks great year round, today we’ll be sharing some tips with you!

With August’s heat still radiating down, understanding how to improve your grass’s good looks is a critical part of ensuring it’s healthy all year long. Many homeowners make several mistakes when it comes to summer grass care because it requires some changes from what you normally do. To help you make sure your grass looks great year-round, today we’ll be sharing some tips with you! 

Mow With Care 

One of the first mistakes that is made while caring for a lawn in summer is to mow too short and at the wrong time of day. When cut too short the grass has a harder time producing enough energy to grow well and it increases its loss of water causing it to brown and yellow. Additionally, when grass is cut too short it can not develop the strong roots it needs to survive well. Depending on the type of grass you have you will want to trim your grass to different lengths. In general, you should never cut your grass lower than ⅓ its height. This not only ensures that the roots can grow well, but that the plant is better protected from the sun.  

Sharpen Blades and Leave the Clippings 

Ensuring that your mower blades are sharp enough is another important step to overall lawn health all year long. Just like with anything — if a cut is clean and precise the wound can heal faster. Grass blades will seal themselves faster from a sharp cut than a dull one. Once the lawn is mown, make sure to leave the clippings in place. Leaving grass clippings is important for two reasons. First, grass clippings provide vital nutrition and moisture to the lawn and will decompose quickly to allow for nutrition to be added back to the soil. Second, leaving grass clippings over your freshly cut grass ensures that it has a layer of sun protection as it heals itself. Until the grass blade can reseal itself it is more prone to sun damage, leaving the clippings in place will help reduce this significantly. 

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