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Mid-Summer Weed Management Tips

atlantic maintenance group mid-summer weed management

What can you do as part of your mid-summer weed management to remove them and prevent new ones from growing?

Weeds sprouting through your grass can put a damper on your plans for a beautiful turf lawn this summer. So, what can you do as part of your mid-summer weed management to remove them and prevent new ones from growing? We have some tips here to help you get one step closer to the putting-green lawn you’re thinking of!

How Can You Start Mid-Summer Weed Management?

Improving Grass Health and Density

Fewer weeds start with healthy grass! If you can improve your overall turf health, the density of the grass will prevent anything else from growing through. Here are a few actions you can complete to support your grass health:

  • Overseeding: New seeds and growth can definitely boost your lawn’s density. This step can be part of your mid-summer weed management, as the best time to oversee your property is from mid-August to September. (Be sure not to do it too early since weeds can overshadow and prevent new grass seed growth!)
  • Don’t Mow too Short: Nothing fosters weed growth quicker than mowing your lawn too short. While it may seem that cutting your grass shorter will save you time since you won’t have to mow as often, but you’ll spend more time trying to manage the weeds that pop up instead. Most mowers have the option to raise the blades; aim for 3-4 inches.
  • Aerate the Soil: Soil compaction can ruin your lawn by restricting nutrients from reaching the roots. Letting the roots breathe will reduce soil compaction and allow the roots to grow deeper into the dirt, strengthening and thickening your lawn.
  • Test Your Soil: Typically, lawns like a slightly acidic, neutral pH, at around 6.5 – 7.0. So if you’re experiencing a lot of weeds, a great step in your mid-summer weed management is pH testing your soil.

Use the Right Chemicals

If you’re seeing weeds already sprouting, you should look for a type of post-emergent herbicide. You apply the chemical directly to the plant while it’s sprouting, so be careful not to kill the grass around it if it’s not hearty. If you’d prefer not to use a post-emergent, you can use the types of weeds in your yard to plan for next year’s management. Next spring, you can opt for a pre-emergent herbicide, which bonds to and coats seeds before they start sprouting for the year. So, while they aren’t ideal for mid-summer weed management, they’re great for next year’s!

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