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Why Parking Lot Repair is More Necessary in Spring and Summer

April 8th, 2021
atlantic maintenance group parking lot repair
Parking lot repair is important in the spring and summer because of the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun.

Having a beautiful and well-kept parking lot is necessary for any business. Not only does it look nice to the people who view it, but a parking lot in poor condition can actually damage customer and employee tires and cars, which they will not be very happy about. When left in disrepair, the asphalt in parking lots can contain potholes and cracks, which, if left unrepaired for too long, can cause huge amounts of damage to a car and also increase the risk of personal injury. This means that parking lot repair is absolutely necessary for any business or building management company. You might think that winter is the worst season for parking lots since the ice can make the cracks worse. However, this actually isn’t always true. There are actually plenty of hidden enemies of parking lots in the spring and summer as well. Here’s why it is so important to schedule parking lot repair in the spring or summer before the damage is already done. 

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Mulching Your Garden: How, When and Why

April 1st, 2021
atlantic maintenance group mulching services
Help make your flowers grow happy and healthy this spring with proper mulching!

April is officially here, and many consider this week to be the unofficial start of the Spring season. And Spring, as we all know, is the season of gardening. While many seasonal plants have already sprouted, you will see their blooms in full swing soon enough with the arrival of extra sunny and rainy days that Springtime brings. But, when it comes to growing lovely garden flowers, herbs or vegetables, sometimes rain and sunshine aren’t enough. That’s why mulching your garden is so good for the plants and wildlife living within the garden’s soil. If you are a new gardener, the mulching process might seem a little confusing, but learning it is easy by first coming to understand what it actually is and does. Here’s how mulch works, the best time to start mulching, and why it’s so great for your springtime garden.

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Four Landscape Pruning Tips to Accentuate Your Yard

March 25th, 2021
atlantic maintenance group landscape pruning md
Having landscape pruning done at the right time can keep your plants in nice shape for longer.

Spring is in full swing in Maryland, and more and more people are spending their days outdoors. The weather is less frosty and sunnier, but with this change comes more rain. Rain is plant food and causes them to grow rapidly, and shrubs and bushes are no exception. If left unchecked for too long, a bush or shrub can totally overtake the yard! This is why it is important to periodically perform landscape pruning. Landscape pruning is essential to making your property and lawn look inviting and well kept. It also helps to keep your curb appeal up to show off to the neighbors. Here are four landscape pruning tips to help keep those shrubs shapely and sculpted.

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How Good Landscaping Design Helps Sell Your Home

March 18th, 2021

After much deliberation, it’s now time to sell your home. You’ve had a good run in the house you’ve lived in for so long, but it’s time to move onto new adventures. The first step in getting a house real-estate ready is to equip the property with the latest trendy technologies and style, and landscaping design is no different. Here are a few ways that landscaping design enhances your property for the market to get that “SOLD” sign up as quickly as possible. 

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Why is Spring Asphalt Maintenance so Significant?

March 11th, 2021
atlantic maintenance group asphalt maryland winter spring
Since these icy days are hopefully behind us, the season of asphalt maintenance is here.

This past week in central Maryland, we enjoyed some gorgeous weather, approaching 70 degrees! This is a clear sign that Spring 2021 is indeed on its way after a lonely winter during a pandemic. This good weather means it’s the time of year to do some asphalt maintenance. This is because winter weather can do some detrimental damage to asphalt. Here are a few reasons why winter brings the need for asphalt maintenance in the spring. 

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Custom Landscaping Services: Six Reasons to Invest

March 5th, 2021
Here are six reasons to invest in custom landscaping services for your home.
Custom landscaping services are a great way to make your property full of unique features.

A beautiful home deserves landscaping surrounding it that is just as beautiful. That can be hard to accomplish, however. Creating the perfect landscape takes a designer’s eye, gardening know-how, and of course time and physical ability. Many people don’t have the ability to make it happen, and even if they did, they’d rather spend the time enjoying the landscape than creating it. There’s no shame in letting the professionals handle your custom landscaping projects. In fact, here are six reasons to invest in custom landscaping services for your home.

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How to Weed Control Starting in Early Spring

February 26th, 2021
weed control
Spring showers bring weed flowers like dandelions, so weed control needs to be done as early as possible.

Today marks one of the last days of February, and with gardens soon returning to full bloom in late March, a need for weed control is now back in full swing. Spring is the season of frequent rainstorms to let all of the flowers, trees, and plants know that it’s time to come out of dormancy for the new warmer weather. Unfortunately, this also applies to annoying weeds that tend to take up so much space from our wanted plants, flowers, and vegetable gardens. Weeds not only look ugly, but they also take up valuable nutrients and resources from the soil and sun from your other plants and grass. Here are some weed control tips you can start early to prevent your garden or lawn from becoming overrun by weeds come proper springtime. 

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Why Paving a Concrete Patio is No DIY Project

February 19th, 2021
Paving is no easy task to do by yourself. Here are some reasons why paving your concrete patio should be left to the experts.
Paving a new patio is not an easy task for an average person.
Make sure to leave it to the experts.

Everyone wants to try and save money in any way they can, and so they might give paving their own concrete patio ago. However, this may end up being much more costly than hiring a professional service in more ways than one. DIY projects are perfect for smaller end projects, like building a birdhouse out of scrapwood or a wooden trellis surrounding the patio area as an accent. But concrete paving is no easy task to do by yourself. Here are some reasons why paving your concrete patio should be left to the experts. 

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Landscaping Tips to Keep Out Unwanted Pests

February 11th, 2021
Spring is just around the corner, which means troublesome insects will soon return from hibernation. Here are a few natural landscaping tips to keep the bugs away.
Stinkbugs are one annoying consequence of spring. Keep them away using these landscaping tips.

Although they might be dormant right now, spring is just around the corner, which means the troublesome enemies of landscaping will be back soon. Soon we will see the return of caterpillars, stinkbugs, and other annoying pests that can ruin your springtime barbeque experience. But don’t lose hope yet, for you can retaliate in any war. Here are some small but effective landscaping tips to help to defend your yard against pesky insects.

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Snow Removal: Why Hire a Professional

February 4th, 2021
Professional Snow Removal Atlantic Maintenance Group
Hardworking professional snow removers are trained to prevent injuries to themselves and others. 

Many states in America like Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania got hit with a snowstorm last week, and now there is an increased demand for snow removal. Snow causes a lot of problems both in the working and domestic world. It blocks roads, driveways, and building entrances and creates dangerous conditions to walk and drive on. Many go-getters will opt to simply try and remove the snow from their own yards or businesses. But there are plenty of reasons why snow removal should be left to professionals. Here are some reasons why removing snow yourself may not be as easy as you think. 

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