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How Paint Color Choices Can Transform a Small Space

How Paint Color Choices Can Transform a Small Space

Did you know that paint color choices can dramatically change how a room looks?

You might not always be able to afford fancy upgrades, and sometimes, being clever with what you have is all that you can do. What are some inventive ways to redecorate a small space, especially on a budget? The paint color choices that you use in a room can change the atmosphere of the room and impact the comfort of your home.

Light it Up

Did you know that by improving the lighting in a room, you can open it up, too? Choose paler or more neutral tones to see how that will affect a tiny room. These lighter colors reflect light better, which also helps the room feel larger. Try opening the curtains in the room and compare how it feels to when the curtains are shut. You should feel a major difference between the two settings.

By using lighter paint color choices, you can also create the optical illusion that the walls are moving, and moving away from the center of the room, at that. Pair white trim with a different color on the wall to really emphasize this effect. You don’t need to only settle for white or beige; try blue, green, yellow, or lavender. Any of these colors with a relatively light trim will make the room feel much deeper as well.

Add Some Height

Adding some height is unexpectedly easy. Attempt this trick to fool your eyes: use different colors painted in vertical stripes to pull the eye upwards. This trick will make the eyes perceive a ceiling that appears to be higher than it actually is. Using some darker colors on the wall can enhance this effect, but you want to be careful and not make the walls too dark. While darker hues might help a room feel cozier, you don’t want to make the room feel too claustrophobic either.

Make the Space Feel Larger

Making the space feel larger is another technique that relies on deceiving the eye. Try extending the main room by using the same color of paint on both the walls and ceilings. If the eye’s gaze is uninterrupted, it can make you believe that the room is bigger than it truly is. By painting two connecting rooms the same color, you can also fool your eyes. Only this time, your eye will believe one room becomes two. Try using this technique in doorways that lead into the home or in rooms with a lot of windows.

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