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Why Parking Lot Repair is More Necessary in Spring and Summer

atlantic maintenance group parking lot repair
Parking lot repair is important in the spring and summer because of the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun.

Having a beautiful and well-kept parking lot is necessary for any business. Not only does it look nice to the people who view it, but a parking lot in poor condition can actually damage customer and employee tires and cars, which they will not be very happy about. When left in disrepair, the asphalt in parking lots can contain potholes and cracks, which, if left unrepaired for too long, can cause huge amounts of damage to a car and also increase the risk of personal injury. This means that parking lot repair is absolutely necessary for any business or building management company. You might think that winter is the worst season for parking lots since the ice can make the cracks worse. However, this actually isn’t always true. There are actually plenty of hidden enemies of parking lots in the spring and summer as well. Here’s why it is so important to schedule parking lot repair in the spring or summer before the damage is already done. 

UV Rays

Yes, you heard that right. The unexpected nemesis of parking lots is actually the sun itself. UV rays, especially in hot, unshaded areas, actually accelerate the breakage process that leads to parking lot repair. UV rays play a large part in making cracks and warps made by ice in the winter so much worse in the hotter months. If exposed long enough, UV rays combined with the heat from the sun can actually slightly melt asphalt, causing it to expand. When evening comes, and it’s cooler outside, the asphalt will shrink again, but the cracks will become slightly larger. Repeat this process during the spring and summer months every day, and those cracks will turn into full-on potholes in no time, leading to parking lot repair.

What Should I Do?

Obviously, a business cannot prevent UV rays and sunlight from battering their parking lot, much like how they cannot cancel rain or snow. The best action one can take against the harmful effects of UV rays is to schedule frequent parking lot repair, especially in the early to mid springtime. By scheduling your parking lot repair at this time, you will likely be repaving the lot, which eliminates cracks, potholes, and other breakages. A freshly paved parking lot can still melt from UV rays, but there will be much fewer cracks and holes to worry about potentially expanding. Having parking lot repair done at the beginning of the warm months every year is the best way to prevent UV damage. 

All of Your Parking Lot Repair Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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