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What Paver Brick Do I Use For My Fire Pit?

atlantic maintenance group paver brick
Finding the right kind of paver brick for your fire pit is a key part of your pit’s overall design and look.

Summertime is quickly approaching, and with more and more people becoming vaccinated, it will soon be time to hold some safe outdoor parties again. So right now is an ideal time to consider adding a little hardscaping to your home! One great way to make your home the coolest on the block is by adding a paver brick fire pit! A firepit is one of the most popular hardscaping additions nowadays due to its inherently social nature. People love gathering around a bonfire or fire pit to sit and talk, or even just to relax for a while, and a paver brick version is a long-lasting and beautiful version of it. But to someone not so savvy in paver brick, it may be a difficult decision to pick out a build of a firepit. Learn more about the types of paver brick that can be used to create the most gorgeous firepit in the whole neighborhood. 

Fire-Rated Bricks

It may be hard to believe, but most types of paver brick are not entirely fireproof. Many actually become eroded or severely damaged when introduced to huge amounts of concentrated heat. Not to mention, regular paver brick can become permanently scorched by ash and soot, which is not a very attractive look over time. Therefore, when choosing paver brick, make sure to pick one that is fire-rated, meaning it can withstand very hot temperatures. However, this is only for the internal portion of the firepit that comes in contact with the flames themselves. For any other portion, such as the surrounding patio, you can choose any kind of paver brick.

Ankar Sandstone

This type of paver brick material is sourced from volcanoes in Indonesia. As you can probably expect, the material is naturally heat resistant. The color has almost a greenish tint, so it blends in nicely paired with a lawn. They are also a very durable option due to the nature of how they were formed by a volcano. 

Red Clay Paver Brick

The old-fashioned, original way to make a firepit dating back hundreds of years, red clay remains one of the most popular brick types out there. If you are going for a classic, timeless look, red clay is a great choice for your firepit. Plus, it is the best type to use if you want to build a fire pit that can also double as an open fire oven if needed since red clay has natural heat retention qualities.

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