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Pesky Fall Pests and How to Stop Them

Pesky Fall Pests and How to Stop Them

Summer pests may be going into hibernation, but the cooler months bring their own pests.

Once the weather starts to cool down, you might think that the insects who pestered you all through the summer are finally about to give it a rest. While they might be preparing to go into hibernation, a new wave of pests are about to take their place. Here is more information about five of the most common pesky fall pests and how to stop them.

Not the Bees

You may have heard a rallying cry for saving the bees. While it is true that the bee population is dwindling, you should avoid contributing to that problem. Bees, much like spiders, are actually helpful and friendly. Just avoid them if you don’t want to get stung. Get professional help to remove bee nests from your property; trying to do so on your own might just end up getting you hurt.

Meet the Beetles

Beetles are getting ready to hibernate, too. Ladybugs, boxelder bugs, and stink bugs are the most common beetles you’ll find in the fall. If you see them inside, vacuum them up and set traps outside. You’ll find them near the warmest spots of your home.

Dealing with Roaches

Roaches will be trying to find their way into your home as the weather cools. Get proactive to prevent an infestation: get rid of anything they could use food and water, and declutter your house so they don’t have a cozy hiding place, either.

Mice Aren’t Nice

Unlike the other creatures on this list, mice aren’t remotely bug-like. Close up holes in your home’s exterior, take care of lawn landscaping tasks, declutter inside your home, and try using glue boards to mend any cracks you might find in your attic or basement.

Follow the Spiders

Why did it have to be spiders? Instead of following the butterflies, you’re stuck following the spiders. So how do you get rid of them? As creepy and terrifying as they often are, most spiders are harmless and just want to help keep your pest problem under control for you. Don’t ruin their webs, because they’ll just rebuild them.

When you find a sudden explosion in the number of spider webs, it means that they’re preparing to lay eggs, especially if they are a garden-variety of spider. Despite the temptation to squash them or run away screaming, what you should do instead is get in touch with an exterminator who can advise you on what to do next.

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