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Plants and Rain Damage

plants underneath rain fall may experience rain damage
Discover why some plants suffer rain damage while others do not.

Rain is a natural part of any growing season, so much so that one of our biggest worries is usually a lack of rain or drought, not too much. But like with anything else, too much of something, even a good thing like water, can be a bad thing. Rain that falls torrentially, with lots of accumulation over a short period, can damage and occasionally even kill some plants. How can you help your plants avoid or survive this rain damage?

Can Plants Survive Torrential Rains On Their Own?

Many plants are amazingly resilient to heavy rain; after all, they’ve survived without our interference or protection for a long time in the wild. Plants that are strong but flexible can look like they’ve been completely flattened by the driving rain and then pop back once the sun comes back out (sometimes this process takes a few days to a week, so be patient with them). This is because instead of breaking under pressure, the stems simply flex. They don’t need to be propped up, and even if there is some minor damage to flowers or leaves, the plant will often shed and regrow these parts on its own.

Why Do Our Plants Break?

So if plants naturally know how to be resilient to rain damage, why do so many of the things we try to grow suffer from it? Part of it is what we do. When plants are already weakened, they are more likely to suffer severe damage. This could be because we’ve over-fertilized a plant in an area with too much or not enough sunlight for its needs or created any other conditions that contribute to leggy, weak growth. When plants are leggy and fragile, they can’t flex to bend, and instead, they break.

What Can You Do For Rain Damaged Plants?

When plants are suffering from ran damage, you can help them by removing the severely damaged parts. Make sure you do this within a week of the heavy rains so that the damaged tissues don’t succumb to disease. 

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