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Can I Power Wash My Patio Pavers?

atlantic maintenance group patio pavers
Patio pavers are meant to withstand lots of pressure, but too much at once can damage them.

Unfortunately, over time, patio pavers get dirty. This has to do with the way nature operates. Lichen, fungi, and moss tend to build up on patio pavers bricks like they would any regular rock found outside. Thankfully, patio pavers are flat and easy to clean using power washing. However, there are some downsides to power washing your patio. When done incorrectly, power washing can actually damage your patio pavers, so it’s always recommended to receive service from power washing professionals if possible. The bottom line is, yes, you can power wash your patio pavers, but there is a risk of damage if you are inexperienced in how to do it. Here is how your patio pavers could become damaged by amateur power washing.

Pitting and Grooves

Power washing is performed with the use of a machine that streams out water in an extremely pressurized way. If you’ve never power washed before, the water can actually harm you if you come in contact with it for too long. The pressure amount is emphasized when you find out that it is so strong that it can actually warp and pit your patio pavers. This usually occurs when the hose is aimed at a single spot for too long, causing the pavers to weather away. Pitting is not only unsightly; it can actually be a tripping hazard.

Cracking and Chipping of Patio Pavers

Over time, patio pavers can become weathered down. This is completely normal in the aging process. However, this can also mean the bricks in certain areas are rather fragile. If the setting of the power washer is too high or one area is cleaned for too long, it can actually cause your patio pavers to chip or crack in certain areas.

Threat to Fillers and Grout

The largest risk is the loss of the already fragile concrete filler that holds the patio pavers together. When an inexperienced power washer completes the job, they may accidentally waver for too long on the grout of the pavers. This can damage the filler, which in turn loosens the grip between the patio paver bricks. This can lead to faster weathering and less security of keeping the bricks in place, causing the risk of lifting, which can actually become a dangerous safety hazard if left unnoticed.

What to Do

The best solution to avoiding this is to find a professional with lots of experience in cleaning and power washing paver patios. That way, you’ll run much less risk of damage to your paver bricks. If you do decide to DIY, make sure to never linger on one spot for too long, and try to avoid washing grout at higher pressures for as long as possible. 

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