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Preparing Your Glen Burnie Landscaping for Fall

fall landscape maintenanceWe know it’s still August and you’re probably not ready to think about fall just yet, but hear us out. The sooner that you plan for fall Glen Burnie landscaping maintenance, the better your lawn and garden will do next season. Back to school stuff is already out and we’ve got maybe another 2 weeks or so before the kids start going back – you’re going to have a lot on your plate getting together homework, school supplies, and lunches. Thinking about taking care of your lawn and garden won’t be in the forefront of your mind once school starts back up again, so now is the time to start preparing your landscaping for the fall months.

Fall Landscaping Maintenance Tips

  1. Prepare Your Lawn – You want your lawn to be green and lush next summer, which means that you can’t let it die out over the winter. Taking care of your lawn in the fall will give you a much better product in the spring and summer. Now is a good time to start fertilizing your lawn and getting all of your unwanted weeds out. Do a good, solid cleaning of your lawn to make sure that everything is prepared for winter! You should also consider doing some seeding to thicken your lawn up for the year to come.
  2. Clean Up Gardening and Landscaping – You may find that you’ve got some dead branches on trees and that some of the leaves are beginning to die. Now is a good time to get rid of as much of the debris as you can so that you aren’t driving yourself crazy raking up the leaves through October and November. It’s also advisable to rake your mulch and keep it fluffed so you don’t have to completely replace it in the spring. You can also plant cool weather flowers/vegetables soon if you want to keep your garden going into October/November.
  3. Love your potted plants – Don’t forget that they need to be taken care of, too. Depending on what type of potted plants you have, you may be able to bring them inside. Tropical plant do well indoors during the winter months and can be transplanted back out when the temperatures start to heat up in late spring. Perennials can actually be put in the ground to survive the winter. They’ll have more soil and stay warmer through the winter.

Glen Burnie Landscape Maintenance

If you are already running short on time for your landscape maintenance, it may be time to call a Glen Burnie landscape maintenance company. At Atlantic Maintenance group, we can help you prepare your lawn and landscaping for the cool fall and winter months ahead. Just make sure that you make your appointment soon – we tend to get busy this time of year.


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