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Protect Your Outdoor Plants from Freezing Temperatures

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Continue reading for some strategies to keep your outdoor plants safe this season.

Winter is finally here, so it’s time to do it if you have not prepared your outdoor plants for the season. The freezing temperatures of winter can damage and even kill outside plants if they are not under protection. Continue reading for some strategies to keep your outdoor plants safe this season.

Understand Frost

Frost occurs when moisture freezes overnight on the soil, plants, and surfaces. The severity of the ice is based on the temperature: slight, moderate, severe, and very severe frost. In addition, some plants are sturdy enough to handle some of the warmer levels of frost. However, some plants can be harmed by any frost or freezing temperatures.

Avoid Overwatering

Remember, outdoor plants are dormant in winter, so you don’t have to water them like in spring and summer. If there is excessive water in the soil and surrounding the roots when it drops below freezing, that water can cause harm.

Protect the Roots and Leaves

Moreover, mulching is ideal for protecting plant roots. It’s usually best to lay down mulch- typically about two to four inches – in autumn to act as a barrier during freezing temperatures. As a result, mulch keeps the warmth in the ground and the cold out.

In addition, consider plant wraps as a means to protect those fragile leaves. In the past, the plant wraps were made of burlap, but now you can find various durable and accessible materials. Wrapping your plants in a suitable material can keep them from receiving frostbite and dying.

Protect the Entire Plant

Consider moving your whole plant inside if possible. Even though this is impossible with large trees or shrubs, bring them inside or into a shed or garage for the winter if your plants are in pots. Alternatively, consider building a greenhouse around more sensitive outdoor plants and landscaping that cannot be relocated. Fortunately, a greenhouse can retain the warmth from the sun during the day so that the plants are protected from the freezing temperatures at night.

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