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Protect Your Outdoor Plants from Frost Damage

atlantic maintenance group frost damage

Staying ahead of frosts and other winter weather events can protect your outdoor plants from frost damage.

Hard frosts can still happen and seriously damage your outdoor plants, even if you live in an area that doesn’t regularly see a lot of snow and ice. If you are prepared for a harsh winter, it can help your landscaping, which may take much correction work in the spring. However, staying ahead of frosts and other winter weather events can protect your outdoor plants from frost damage. Try out the following tips for a thriving landscape in the spring.

Cover Your Plants

While garden blankets may protect your outdoor plants from frost damage, there are numerous ways to cover them to ensure they are protected from winter weather events. So, try floating or burlap row covers for overnight protection from wind and frost. Also, be sure to keep snow from gathering on your plant coverings and garden blankets to avoid plant damage.

Move Containers Inside

While many plants you may grow in your garden are hearty for lasting through winter, plants in containers or hanging planters might be more sensitive. So, you should protect them differently. Consider moving planters to a covered yard or indoors to safeguard them from the harsh winter. Since space in a planter is limited, putting them in a temperature-controlled space will enable you to ensure the plant stays insulated. This allows the roots to stay healthy throughout winter and promote spring growth.

Insulate with Mulch

Although planters are best insulated through temperature control, it’s not optional for your row plants, trees, or flower gardens. You might think of the spring as the time to mulch your plants. However, mulching in the winter offers vital insulation that helps keep roots healthy and protected from freezing in the ground. In addition, this insulation can help prevent soil erosion in your landscaping by protecting your garden during the freeze-thaw cycle.

Lastly, investing in a greenhouse can protect your outdoor plants from frost damage. These structures cover plants year-round and can add a lot to your garden.

All of Your Landscaping Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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