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Protect Your Visitors from Slippery Conditions this Winter

visitors safe from slipping and falling

Keep your visitors safe from the impending winter weather by taking stock of your landscaping and hardscaping.

The Baltimore area is no stranger to the effects of snow and ice during the winter. Dangerous, slippery conditions prevail during some parts of the season. And if you’re not taking steps now to protect the visitors of your property from slipping and falling, it can create a headache later on. Commercial property owners will be liable for any injuries that occur as a result. Luckily there are some steps you can take now to help prevent the ghastly conditions from hurting your visitors and, consequently, your company’s reputation. Here are some tips.

Get a Plan Together

Having a plan in place well before the snow starts is a great tool for protecting your visitors. You can start right now by inspecting your property after the next rainfall. Where are puddles forming? This will show you where ice patches may develop and give you an idea where your pretreatment and snow removal efforts should start. You can also partner with a snow removal company to help you develop this plan.

Let the Light Shine

Your visitors will be better able to avoid slipping and falling if they are able to see where they are going. Installing lighting is a great way to help them see any trouble spots. Entrances, pathways, parking lots, and stairs should all be well-lit – if any of these areas feel like they’re not up to par, have lighting installed now before the snow starts.

Maintaining Your Property

Ice can only form wherever standing water is, so have your property’s drainage system checked to make sure water can drain properly. Heavily compacted soil is another problem that can create standing water issues, not to mention an unhealthy lawn. Have the plants and bushes trimmed nicely. Not only will this help with visibility but it will also keep your property looking great. Finally, have someone come out to check any trees to make sure the branches are not diseased. These could potentially collapse under the weight of snow or ice and cause serious damage to your property or visitors. Proper pruning in this instance is essential to preventing any problems and ensuring the survival of your trees.

Get In Touch With Atlantic Maintenance Group Today

Expert advice, installation, and care is a key factor in maintaining the integrity of your property year-round. The Atlantic Maintenance Group offers quality landscape, asphalt, snow removal and concrete maintenance services. We have the expertise to help meet all of your needs. Click here for a free quote today, give us a call at 410-768-4720 or contact us via our website to start planning for your maintenance needs. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Google+.

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