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Protecting Your Lawn During Fall & Winter

atlantic maintenance group fall and winter

Here are some helpful and valuable tips and tricks homeowners can take today to protect their lawns during the fall and winter.

For the most part, your lawn will require some protection heading into the colder seasons — specifically fall and winter. Regarding your grass, fall and winter typically are the make-or-break seasons to ensure that your lawn is healthy throughout the year. As time goes on, homeowners can rest assured that their lawn is still in good shape.

Also, homeowners must consider how their property will handle the colder weather and prepare accordingly. Ultimately, preparing your grass for the colder seasons ahead can be a great way to keep it healthy throughout the seasons. So, here are some valuable tips homeowners can take today to protect their lawns during the fall and winter.

Aerating The Lawn At Least Once Every Year

There is no denying that it becomes important for your lawn to take a hiatus during the colder months. In fact, there are many different aeration tools you can invest in that’ll help break up any compacted turf. This tends to pull up any plugs of both soil and grass. There are also hand-aerating tools that homeowners can purchase to emphasize better and create small holes to allow for aeration.

But there are also mechanical tools that might alleviate some of the labor that homeowners might not want to dive into all the time.  Particularly, if they are not comfortable with the hand-aeration tools themselves. Overall, conducting lawn aeration at least once a year will provide homeowners with a better lawn for the long haul.

Properly Seeding the Lawn in The Fall

During the fall, it can be beneficial for homeowners to seed their lawns. Depending on where your home is loathed, it might be useful for them to seed their lawns. Since this approach usually requires a certain temperature that is common during the autumn season. Additionally, finding the right seed mixture might require professional assistance to ensure that what you are using on your lawn is worthwhile. Ultimately, starting the seeding process in the fall tends to be an excellent move for homeowners looking to protect their lawns ahead of the winter season effectively.

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