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Protecting Your Plants from Winter Damage

atlantic maintenance group protect your plants from winter damage

Atlantic Maintenance Group is sharing ways to protect your plants from winter damage.

If you reside in Maryland, you most likely stocked your property with water, groceries, and flashlights in case of a winter storm. Winter storms can create heavy amounts of snow and strong wind. Atlantic Maintenance Group is sharing ways to protect your plants from winter damage.

Protect Your Plants

If it isn’t late, use plant netting to tie up your tree branches and shrubs. They won’t be susceptible to breaking or causing damage this way. If you tie your plants into a cone shape, the snow should be able to fall off the sides. In addition, move your planters and containers to an area with coverage. Examples include under a porch or shed or inside your home. This will keep the freezing water from expanding and breaking the containers. Therefore, it will protect your plants from winter damage.

Don’t Walk on Your Turf

When your turf is covered in snow, it’s fragile and can easily uproot. It’s also susceptible to fungal diseases when covered with snow. The less you walk on the snow, the easier it will melt.

Avoid Using Salt and De-Icer

Rock salt and prevalent de-icing products can damage vegetation and pollute nearby water sources. If your plant directly touches the salt, water and rinse it immediately when the temperatures rise above freezing. As an alternative, you may use sand or kitty litter.

Make Sure to Prune Damaged Limbs

Another way to protect your plants from winter damage is to avoid handling them when there is ice on them. This is because you will likely cause damage and break a branch. Once the snow and ice melt, visit your plants outdoors to examine branch damage. If you discover a cracked branch, tie it back into place securely, and it may heal. Additionally, remember to prune away broken branches to prevent disease, injury, and infection.

Lastly, examine the extent of the winter weather damage once spring approaches. You can view the things you couldn’t understand or reshape in the warmer weather. Overall, Atlantic Maintenance Group is here to help if your winter maintenance needs are too significant or need more time.

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