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Pruning Trees Can Improve the Aesthetic of Your Commercial Property

commercial tree serviceOwning a business is a tough job. There’s so much more to it than being the person who signs the paychecks at the end of the month. It’s your job to figure out building maintenance, build relationships with other companies and clients, and to maintain a happy, efficient staff. No matter how much you delegate to other people, owning your own company and maintaining a great business is a difficult job. Landscaping is usually one of the things at the bottom of your list, but taking care of the trees and bushes for your commercial landscape is important for curb appeal!

What Are the Benefits of Pruning Trees and Shrubs?

If you’re like many Howard County companies, you’ve probably got trees and bushes to improve the landscaping for your business. While they definitely beautify the landscape, trees and shrubs aren’t useful unless they’re properly taken care of – this means regular pruning. Professional pruning does a few things for your trees and bushes:

  1. Promote the health of your trees and shrubs – When dead or dying parts of trees and shrubs are removed, it helps promote the health of the rest of the plant. When you leave them there, it can cause health problems for other branches and threaten the life of the whole plant. When a commercial tree company properly shapes and prunes your trees and shrubs, they’ll stay healthier longer.
  2. Pruning at the right time – Trees and shrubs need to be pruned at the right time of year to ensure that they’re healthy and that they’ve got time to grow. Most trees and shrubs get pruned in the fall and the early spring, but they can be pruned all year long. They must be pruned very carefully and properly in the spring and summer, though. If you don’t have much experience with pruning, you run the risk of doing more harm than good.
  3. Improves the aesthetic – When trees and shrubs start to overgrow or have parts that are dying, they become eyesores. What was meant to be something to draw people in can start to deter people. Keeping your curb appeal will help bring more people to your business and keep your landscaping looking professional and appealing.

Commercial Tree Services from Atlantic Maintenance Group

Atlantic Maintenance Group offers a variety of commercial tree services to help our customers maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Our experienced arborists and Maryland certified tree experts can diagnose, remove and or treat the necessary problems to help protect your plants and help ensure safety on your property. Give us a call at 410.768.4720 or visit the website today to get your free quote!

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Source: University of Minnesota

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