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Rely on Atlantic Maintenance Group for Professional Crack Repair Services this Summer

atlantic maintenance group professional crack repair services

Keeping your concrete parking lot fresh will save you from needing professional crack repair services.

The summer heat in Maryland can damage concrete in multiple ways, including material discoloration and durability impact. You might also notice damages or cracks in commercial parking lots, even if it was recently paved. In this article, we discuss how to maintain your concrete parking lot and when it’s time for professional crack repair services. This is where Atlantic Maintenance Group comes in.

Apply a Sealant

Applying a sealant on your commercial parking lot is a basic rule for maintaining it in order and damage-free. In addition, the sealant renewal age is every two years or once every three years. In extreme cases, you should reapply the sealant more often. As a result, you’ll know when to reapply the sealant once you notice any damages.

Fortunately, Atlantic Maintenance Group offers sealcoating services. Our team begins by clearing the problem area of loose debris and applying crack sealer to damaged asphalt or cracks. Then, we apply a quality sealant to protect and extend your asphalt’s longevity.

Clean Stains Right Away

Every commercial parking lot is prone to stains triggered by vehicles. To prevent permanent staining, you must eliminate the stains immediately. You can use a concrete stain remover since concrete is a material that tends to absorb fast.

Consider Installing a Water Sprinkler System

Keeping your concrete parking lot fresh will save you from needing professional crack repair services. So, consider installing a water sprinkler system to keep it in good condition. If you cannot install a system, you may water your parking lot with a hose regularly.

Signs It’s Time for Professional Crack Repair Services

Perhaps it’s already late, and you may require professional crack repair services. So, there are some signs that your commercial lot might need some professional assistance.

  • If you discover minor sunken areas in your parking lot, you must react to prevent cracks and other problems immediately.
  • You also notice a crack in your parking lot becoming wider. To prevent this, consistently report this issue to experts to maintain it appropriately.

Atlantic Maintenance Group serves commercial and residential properties in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Receive your free quote now!

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