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What Could Retaining Walls Add to your Landscape?

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls look great and they can even prevent damage to your property!

With winter in full swing, it might seem a little early for you to start thinking ahead to the springtime and the endless possibilities for your landscape. It’s never too early to start making these plans! Having some ideas now will help you make a plan for when the weather starts to warm up. And while most people stick to planting trees and shrubs when sprucing up their landscape, retaining walls might be a more interesting way to add to it. These structures are not only beautiful but also pragmatic and functional. For those with groundwater flow problems, they may even help to prevent damage to your home! What are the benefits of adding retaining walls to your landscape?


Retaining walls are versatile and can be constructed and arranged in nearly limitless ways. Walls can be arranged to create flower beds or even levels in a sloped backyard. Retaining walls are a great way to make your landscape unique, extending your home’s beauty to the rest of the property. This aesthetic beauty may even increase the value of your home if done properly!

Structure and Erosion Protection

A more practical benefit of retaining walls are their role in preventing soil erosion and protecting your home from its effects. They prevent downslope movement and retain the soil by providing a level of support. This helps protect your property from the destruction of landslides and the flow of groundwater to your basement. If your sump pump is having trouble keeping up, retaining walls might ease its burden.

Creating More Space

Properties with steep slopes tend not to have much in the way of usable outdoor space. Retaining walls can create flat spaces that will really open up the amount of yard you have to enjoy outdoors during the spring and summer!

Creating a Raised Patio

Does your home have a back entrance several feet above the ground floor? One way to make this usable is to build a raised patio which is supported by a retaining wall. This will build the patio level back up to the back door.

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