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Simple Garden Tasks to Maintain Your Residential Landscape During Summertime

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It’s critical to go out and inspect your residential landscape at least once a week to track what’s going on in your garden.

Summer is in full swing in Maryland, and everybody spends most of their time outside. While much of our work in our gardens happens in the spring, that doesn’t mean we can relax through the summer. Here are some simple garden tasks you can do to maintain your residential landscape during summertime.

Water Your Plants

Watering our plants is often necessary as the temperatures increase and humidity skyrockets. There are various ways you can accomplish this. Whether it’s a hose with a nozzle or drip irrigation, you decide how to water your plants. Remember that deep watering is much better than frequent shallow watering.

Moreover, remember to water planted trees and shrubs. You must water these plants until they are established in your residential landscape. While shrubs usually establish in one or two years and small trees in 2 to 3 years, significant trees take longer.

Eliminate Weeds

As the plants in your residential landscape take off with the arrival of warm weather, so do weeds. So, ensure you stay on top of weeds and don’t allow them to go to seed. Also, identifying what weeds type you have can be helpful when deciding what herbicide to use. Timing is also critical with herbicides.

Furthermore, mulching your plants can keep weeds in flower beds and around trees. Try using organic mulches like straw, wood chips, or shredded leaves. Not only do they keep weeds down, they will integrate organic matter into the soil as they break down.

Remove Pests

Unfortunately, pest populations explode as the temperatures continue to heat up. It’s critical to go out and inspect your residential landscape at least once a week to track what’s going on in your garden. Additionally, this will help you stay on top of any pests that might be present.

Make sure also to eliminate any standing water every week to prevent pests from becoming mosquito breeding grounds. For instance, change the water frequently in the birdbath in your yard to avoid standing water. Don’t forget to empty kiddie pools or drip trays under potted plants. Finally, take some time to relax and enjoy your residential landscape!

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