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Soil Erosion: Problems and Solutions

soil erosionSoil erosion can be a big problem, especially for people who live near cliffs or on hills. It can also be a pretty big nuisance for those trying to grow gardens or simply getting their soil to stay in one place in order to avoid flooding and other issues. There are a few different ways to control soil erosion, depending on what the problem actually is and how you’d prefer to go about containing the soil. Using a few or all of the following tips can help you avoid soil erosion around your home.

  1. Plant Vegetation – Flowers, trees, and shrubs are good for more than just looking pretty in your garden. They can also help keep soil in place. Since most plants develop root systems that go pretty far into the ground, vegetation is usually pretty good at “rooting” soil in place. This is a great solution for people who prefer to do things as naturally as possible. Having plants will also attract wildlife to your yard and help beautify the landscape.
  2. Prevent Water Runoff – This is a great method to use with plants. Since planting means that a lot of the water will be absorbed by the soil, this helps greatly. Grading your property as much as possible can also help to avoid soil erosion by keeping water in one place. You just want to make sure that you also install drains so that water doesn’t pool, either. The use of French drains and other devices will help you redirect water without having it wear away at your soil too much.
  3. Build A Retaining Wall – There are lots of reasons to build retaining walls, but soil erosion tops the list. A retaining wall will help keep your soil where it belongs and can also make a great aesthetic addition to your landscaping, especially if you use pavers. They can be made to complement your home and also make great planters. As mentioned above, the plants will work in conjunction with the retaining wall to keep soil in its proper place.
  4. Erosion Control Netting – Many companies make netting specifically for erosion control to help keep soil down. There are some drawbacks to using this, but it’s one of the most effective ways to prevent soil erosion. Much of the netting is biodegradable, but this also means that the netting needs to be replaced on a fairly regular basis. It’s not the best solution, but it’s a great temporary one.

Atlantic Maintenance Group knows the importance of protecting from soil erosion and we have great solutions to help you get your soil erosion under control. To learn more about soil erosion and have a professional come out and assess your situation, give us a call at 410-768-4720 or contact us via our website today.


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