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Soil Test Your Trees on Your Commercial Property


soil test

A soil test can determine what kind of nutrients are needed to ensure your trees stay healthy!

The Baltimore area and other urban zones present several challenges to tree growth. Compacted soil, competition with turf for nutrients, and restricted zones for roots are just a few of the stresses trees in our area face. In addition, commercial properties in urban areas provide more stress on trees with increased foot traffic and a higher density of buildings. If you’re looking to keep the trees on your commercial property healthy through the coming fall and winter, you should consider ordering a soil test. Soil testing can help you choose the proper course of treatment for your trees to ensure they stay healthy year-round.

A Soil Test Determines Soil Composition

The soil test can give you a clearer picture of what the soil around your tree actually consists of. Soil is mainly composed of macronutrients (such as nitrogen, phosphorous, sulfur, calcium, potassium, and magnesium) and micronutrients like iron and zinc. These nutrients are essential for tree growth, but they could be at deficient levels and may need to be remedied. A soil test can determine which nutrients are needed to encourage tree health and growth. Soil pH levels and texture levels can also help or hinder tree growth. Finally, soil testing should not be confined to one area. Soil on one piece of property may have entirely different characteristics than soil on another piece!

Don’t Waste Money on Ineffective Fertilizing

You may be wasting money if you’re having the trees on your property fertilized without having the soil tested first. If you don’t know which nutrients your trees need, your fertilizer may not treat the problem and you won’t see any results. Worse still, you may actually be hurting the soil and surrounding landscape. Ordering a soil test before starting fertilization will ensure your trees get exactly what it needs and won’t hurt your surrounding landscape. Not only that, you won’t be wasting money on fertilizers that don’t treat the problem.

Now is the Best Time

Fall is the best time to order a soil test, as two important areas of tree health can be addressed simultaneously. Nutrients can be added to encourage root development since trees don’t grow foliage during the fall and winter. Finally, the tree can store any excess nutrients and use them during the following Spring’s growth period.

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