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Why is Spring Asphalt Maintenance so Significant?

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Since these icy days are hopefully behind us, the season of asphalt maintenance is here.

This past week in central Maryland, we enjoyed some gorgeous weather, approaching 70 degrees! This is a clear sign that Spring 2021 is indeed on its way after a lonely winter during a pandemic. This good weather means it’s the time of year to do some asphalt maintenance. This is because winter weather can do some detrimental damage to asphalt. Here are a few reasons why winter brings the need for asphalt maintenance in the spring. 

Freeze/Thaw Winter Cycle

We all know that Maryland winters don’t have the most reliable weather. One day it will be well below freezing, full of ice and sleet, and the next, it will be bright and sunny, probably in the upper 40s or 50s. This is terrible for asphalt because of something known as the “freeze/thaw cycle.” When it snows, hails, or sleets, the water will freeze on top of the asphalt. However, when it melts on a warmer day, the water will seep into the asphalt. Usually, the warm sun would just evaporate this water over the next few days. But, since the weather around here is so unexpected, the water inside of the asphalt might freeze again before it is evaporated. If this repeats, the cracks will keep expanding since water expands as ice. This leads to splits in the asphalt and, if unattended long enough, serious potholes. During spring, the weather is finally nice enough to not worry about it freezing over anymore, so the potholes and cracks can be adequately remedied with asphalt maintenance.

Frost Heave

Frost heave is another problem that leads to spring asphalt maintenance. It works similarly to the freeze/thaw cycle but generally is a worse form. This is common on well-traveled public roads or areas that receive little to no asphalt maintenance. An existing pothole or crack formed deep inside the asphalt expands via ice to such a large size that it makes the pavement shift upwards in a bubble. This can lead to the asphalt becoming completely shattered when driven over, producing sharp rocks and debris. Frost heave is not something you want to drive over for the sake of your tires. 

Preventing these problems from occurring is almost impossible with Maryland winter weather. That’s why it is essential to regularly have asphalt maintenance performed after every winter season to prevent unnecessary car damages and road accidents. 

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