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Strategies for Watering Your Lawn in an Efficient Way

atlantic maintenance group watering your lawn

Watering your lawn early in the morning will assist you in using less water because the sun won’t cause it to evaporate.

Let’s face it: we are guilty of wasting a lot of water. Besides being bad for the environment, it also takes money out of your wallet. In fact, utility bills are higher in the summer due to the constant use of air conditioners. The last thing you want to do is add a substantial water bill on top of that.

So, using your sprinkler system efficiently can help you minimize the water you use daily. In addition, it can help you reduce utility bills at the same time. Keep reading to learn some efficient methods for watering your lawn.

Water the Lawn in the AM

Watering your lawn early in the morning will assist you in using less water because the sun won’t cause it to evaporate. It will also help keep your grass healthy. In contrast, your grass can grow fungus if you water it in the evening. As a result, this may cause your grass to become unhealthy or die. So, set your sprinklers to water shortly before sunrise.

Consider Using a Rain Sensor

Rain sensors for your sprinkler system will turn off the system if you are not home to turn it off. Or if you are not awake when your water system turns on. If your grass receives ¾ of an inch to an inch of storm rain weekly, you actually won’t need to water your lawn. Besides using a sensor, try a water gauge to discover how much rain your yard is getting.

Create a Rain Barrel

All the water that comes from your downspouts can go to waste if you don’t have rain barrels or a drainage system. In addition, rain barrels can capture rainwater and runoff water for you to use when watering your lawn. While you won’t really be able to work it through your sprinklers, you may use the rain barrel for your other plants. Therefore, you are saving on that water!

Set Your Sprinklers Properly

It sounds obvious but ensure your sprinklers are watering your lawn, not your patio or fence. Watering your lawn will help you use only the amount of water you need and nothing more. Most importantly, you’ll also prevent runoff on the street if you monitor how much water you are using and where it’s going.

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