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Take Care of Your Spring Lawn Care Checklist

Spring Lawn Care

Follow through on these spring lawn care tasks to get it looking healthy and green this season!

The warmer days and crisp nights of spring are here. As flowers start to emerge from their wintery slumber and weeds start to rear their ugly heads, it’s time to get started on your spring lawn care checklist! If you haven’t already begun getting ready for the season, the long weekend spring break provides is a perfect time to start!

Let it Breathe

Just like anything else in your yard, your lawn needs to breathe. At the start of your spring lawn care, take the time to aerate your yard. Use a professional lawn maintenance company to get the job done. A roller will be moved throughout your lawn, punching small holes as it goes. The plugs that get taken out will dissolve into your lawn over time and as you water and your grass roots will have great access to sun, nutrients, water, and air.

Take Time to Thatch

Does your lawn have dead weeds and grass hanging around from winter? Remove them as part of your spring lawn care. Without removal, fertilizers and rain won’t be able to get into the soil and help the living grass. Use a thatching machine to get rid of old and dead growth.

Get Wet

Regularly watering your grass is critical to ensuring its health. If you have an automatic sprinkler system it can take care of the job for you, but a traditional garden hose and manual sprinkler do the trick too.

Finally Fertilize

Another important spring lawn care task is fertilizing. Feed your lawn with a blend appropriate for the type of grass in your lawn, your local soil composition, and the time of year. The wrong type of grass fertilizer could harm your lawn and the ecosystem around your home.

Spring Lawn Care from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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