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Taking Care of Fall Mums

Taking Care of Fall Mums

Mums are a stunning part of a fall landscape, and when cared for well, they can come back with vibrancy year after year.

Mums are a stunning part of a fall landscape, and when cared for well, they can come back with vibrancy year after year. Thanks to the wide variety of color and the vibrancy and wealth of blooms, mums are a fall favorite. Every autumn you’ll see pots of the fun florals on most doorsteps. However, most people forget that these colorful blooms can be a perennial with a little planning and care! 

Plant Early 

While most of the easy to buy pots of mums are brought out in early fall if you wish to make mums a part of your yearly garden you’ll want to plant them in spring. When planted early the roots will have enough time to grow deep into the soil and take hold, allowing them to come back year after year. Mums, or chrysanthemums, should be planted in areas with well-draining, moist soil. They don’t do well in heavy, dry areas like clay or sand. If you have more compacted soil, make sure to fully loosen it and add compost to help keep it well aerated. Mums also prefer areas with full sun, although they will still thrive as long as they get a decent amount of light every day. 

Care and Maintenance 

One of the most fun and interesting things about mums is that they can be manipulated extensively. If you prune them heavily in spring and early summer you can ensure you’ll have extensive blooms come fall. By pinching the buds that sprout early you’ll ensure each plant produces double what it normally would. If you’re hoping to plant your mums to cut, you will want to remove any side-buds. This technique encourages the plant to focus its energy on growing one larger, central bloom. Because there are so many varieties of chrysanthemums, you may want to try different methods of pruning on different plants! 

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