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The 6 Steps for Spring Turf Renovation

The 6 Steps for Spring Turf Renovation Atlantic Maintenance
A soil test establishes the PH level of your soil and the nutritional requirement of the soil.

The spring season is the perfect time for your lawn care activities. During winter, the vegetation becomes dormant but starts sprucing up in spring. Therefore, it is time to ensure you recover the healthy grass by starting the spring lawn care routine. Here are some tips for renovating your turf during spring!

Rake Your Lawn

During winter, debris from falling leaves, tree twigs, and branches builds up on your lawn. Therefore, the first step of renovating your turf is by raking off the debris from your yard. Dethatching your lawn allows water, air, and nutrients to reach the turf grassroots. However, you should not rake the lawn when the soil is wet to avoid pulling off the healthy grass.

Take A Soil Test

Some people ignore the essence of undertaking a soil test; however, it is a critical step to turf renovation. A soil test establishes the PH level of your soil and the nutritional requirement of the soil. Therefore, you can feed the grass with the required nutrients to enhance growth with a soil test report.

Soil Aeration

During winter, the soil compacts making it hard for nutrients, air, and water to penetrate. However, you can use an aeration machine to dig holes in your yard to allow smooth penetration of nutrients, improve drainage, and enhance root development.


It is crucial to ensure that your grass does not compete with weeds for water and other essential nutrients. Hand-pick the weeds before they suppress the turfgrass and dominate the lawn.

Add Compost & Other Nutrients

You need to revisit the soil test report to identify the soil deficiencies at this stage. After applying the recommended fertilizer, you can also add compost manure to increase the hydrogen levels in the soil. Although, it’s advisable to stick to the recommendation given in the soil test report.

Reseeding & Watering 

You may start to notice that some parts of your lawn are patchy; at some point, the turfgrass grows and fill the patches, but for severe patches, you can reseed. Follow the instruction that is on the package to avoid overcrowding. After reseeding the grass, ensure you water the lawn regularly until the grass has fully established.

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