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The Importance of Parking Lot Striping

atlantic maintenance group Parking Lot Striping

Why is parking lot striping important?

While professional companies generally perform parking lot striping, being an informed buyer will ensure you receive the best quality for the best price. Read on to learn the importance of parking lot striping and its cost.

Reasons Why Parking Lot Striping is Essential

  • It creates a safe environment for staff and visitors. Pedestrians can recognize walking pathways and prevent standing in loading zones.
  • Enhances traffic flow and prevents car accidents. For instance, you’ll be able to avoid collisions and keep traffic moving when you have arrows for exits, entrances, and directional flow, along with transparent marked fire lanes and loading areas.
  • It assists you in complying with ADA regulations. You will be legally responsible if a person with a disability gets injured on your non-compliant ADA property.
  • Parking lot striping optimizes numerous parking spaces. Also, you can accommodate more visitors if you carefully plan your line striping.
  • In addition, line striping provides more curb appeal. Bright paint on black asphalt looks clean, indicating that you are proud of your property.

Prepare Your Lot for Line Striping

Follow these tips to save time and money to prepare your parking lot for striping:

  • Inspect your parking lot. The stripes won’t last if you paint over the damaged pavement. Also, get repairs done before painting lines.
  • If you are receiving striping during business hours, notify visitors ahead of time and make arrangements for alternative parking spaces.
  • Make sure your lot is dry.

Average Cost of a Parking Lot Striping

So, how much does line striping cost? It depends. A new parking lot requiring new striping costs more than re-striping because restriping typically needs painting over existing lines. By understanding the basics, you are an informed buyer that can compare bids easily.

Additionally, some factors to include are parking lot square footage and the linear feet of parking spaces, the number of other markings like stop signs, extra items requiring paint, line thickness, and mobilization fees (generally a few hundred dollars because even minor projects cost the contractor a specific amount to show up).

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