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The Season to Mulch Around Your Maryland Landscape is Approaching

atlantic maintenance group mulch maryland landscape

Spring is the ideal season to mulch around your Maryland landscape.

Spring is arriving soon. Of course, spring is the ideal season to mulch around your landscape, especially in Maryland. This article will offer tips on how to mulch and garden in eco-friendly ways. As always, Atlantic Maintenance Group is there for all of your soil and mulching needs!

Use a Natural Weed Control

There are numerous ways to go about this. You don’t need chemicals if natural ingredients such as corn gluten meal work. In addition, try to use mulched oak leaves from the fall. These leaves help control weeds for the following spring. Also, use white vinegar for minor spots of weeds. White vinegar can remove crabgrass, dandelions, and everything in between. This process doesn’t require much time and saves you money in the long term if you desire to mulch around your Maryland landscape.

Avoid Overwatering Your Plants

Avoid watering too much, but water more deeply. This may seem counterproductive initially, but watering your plants less often will strengthen them. Their roots also reach deeper to consume more water, too. In the summertime, the surface may dry up, but deeper water underground will still be available.

So, it’s optimal to water the plants in the morning or the evening. This way, the sun won’t evaporate the water before the plants can utilize it. Finding the optimal balance of water helps the soil and discourages weed growth. Best of all, you can minimize your water bill too.

Make Sure to Compost

Did you know that over-fertilizing your Maryland landscaping can harm it? Add about a quarter-inch of compost to your garden beds early in the springtime. Doing this will enable your gardens to receive a better, healthier start. For small gardens, you can enhance them with kitchen scraps. Decomposing food scraps will soak the soil. Then the ground will be full of essential minerals, encouraging worms to take residence.

Consider Native Plants for Your Landscape

Selecting native plants is healthier for your plants and the environment. Make sure you pay attention to what conditions the plants need to thrive. For instance, plants that need shade will sag under full sunlight. Fortunately, native plants weed better and resist pests. Keep these tips in mind next time you plan to mulch around your Maryland landscape.

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