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The Significance of Having Outdoor Lighting this Winter

atlantic maintenance group Having Outdoor Lighting this Winter

Outdoor lighting is critical during the winter.

Outdoor lighting plays an essential role in your landscape year-round. However, outdoor lighting is also critical during the winter. Because of early sunsets and long dark nights, having outdoor lighting this winter will enhance your home’s safety and security. Also, exterior lighting can significantly improve your home’s nighttime curb appeal.

Safety & Security for Your Property

Having outdoor lighting this winter can dramatically enhance your home’s safety. They do this by protecting you against the hazard to your health in the winter, slipping and falling. For instance, spotlights with motion sensors can provide you with the necessary light when you’re unloading the car on a winter night. In the dark, clear ice (black ice) is almost unnoticeable. But, with a spotlight, you can see whether you have a clear pathway or it’s filled with black ice. In addition, spotlighting offers a year-round enhancement to safety by revealing possible tripping hazards you may otherwise trip on at night.

Increase Winter Curb Appeal

The winter is a lousy time for landscaping. With short daylight hours and freezing weather, many plants appear lifeless. But, at night, your winter landscape can liven up with magic if you utilize suitable outdoor lighting arrangements. With the proper use of exterior lighting, the path to your front door can be lit. Additionally, stars can twinkle in your trees and shrubs using string lights. You can also highlight any landscaping or hardscaping features with accent lighting to make them pop out on a dark winter night.

Moreover, accent lighting can reveal the natural beauty of icicles dangling from your roof. However, be careful to clear any icicles from above your walk path or integrate a warm glow into the snow. These are just a couple of circumstances of how you can convert your home into a winter wonderland with the proper outdoor lighting arrangements.

At Atlantic Maintenance Group, we can help enhance your home’s safety while improving its nighttime curb appeal with outdoor lighting. Give us a call at 410-768-4720 for our services.

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