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Three Benefits of Sprinkler Irrigation Checkups

Keep your irrigation system in tip-top shape this summer with regular checkups!

We all know that cars need checkups, our HVAC units need maintenance, and even pools need routine care, but why do we ignore smaller equipment, like irrigation systems? While they might not seem as demanding, even sprinkler and irrigation systems require regular maintenance to ensure they’re operating as well and efficiently as possible.

Reduce Overwatering

One of the most significant benefits of an irrigation system audit is that you can save you and your plants from the effects of overwatering. When left too long without a checkup, your irrigation systems runtime can be affected, leading to two distinct issues. If the runtime is too short, your landscape will not be getting enough water leading to dry spots and slow growth. If your runtime is too long, you suffer a different problem, that your plants will be getting too much water leading to yellowing, puddle formation, and water runoff. When plants are overwatered, it makes them more susceptible to disease and mold. Additionally, overwatering can lead to faster erosion and soil deterioration that can even affect hardscaping over time. When you have your irrigation inspected, one of the first things they will check is the runtime, which will save your water bills as well.

Highlight Replacement Needs

As a licensed technician goes over each section of your irrigation system, they will note any segments that need to be replaced or repaired. If you don’t have a full checkup, you may never notice that sections of your sprinklers are not working correctly. For instance, if one of the heads were clipped by a mower, the rest of the unit would work, but you’d be missing out.

Increase System Lifespan

Finally, when your irrigation system is properly cared for and maintained, the unit will last much longer. If outdated or broken parts are repaired as they are found, it will prevent problems from building. Not only does this make running the system more efficient and cost-effective, but you’ll have to repair and replace it less frequently.

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