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Tips for Creating Outdoor Lighting for Your Landscape Design

Tips for Creating Outdoor Lighting for Your Landscape Design
Adding outdoor lighting is a beautiful and practical way to elevate your landscape design.

Adding outdoor lighting is a beautiful and practical way to elevate your landscape design. Both residential and commercial properties can enhance their surroundings with the perfect outdoor lighting setup. Our team at Atlantic Maintenance Group can help you design and create the outdoor lighting of your dreams! Keep some of these tips in mind as you start to envision a new way to bring light to your landscape design.

The Lighting Effect or Technique

One of the first things to consider is the lighting effect or technique you want to cast around your property and landscape. Do you need spotlighting or accent lights illuminating details around your yard or garden? Perhaps it’s not about the light, but the shadowy effect of silhouette lighting or uplighting. Of course, these effects add varied interest to your outdoor lighting design, but you can’t forget practical ambient lighting where you need it, such as area lighting and moonlighting.

The Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

For the most part, the lighting effect you want to achieve will determine the lighting fixture or fixtures necessary to create the look. In some cases, versatile fixtures like spotlights can be used to replicate the look of various effects depending on positioning and how many lights are installed. With spotlights, you can create uplighting, downlighting, cross-lighting, accent lighting, and more. Fixtures can come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be built into the ground or structures. In general, designers hide the fixture unless it’s an ornate, decorative addition to the landscape design.

Where Do You Need Light?

There are certain places that make sense to have outdoor lighting around your property, such as lit pathways or driveways and lights around the house. You would add more depending on whether you have an outdoor patio, gazebo, or other hardscapes that need brightening up. However, don’t forget the decorative element of outdoor lighting too. You can use lights to emphasize trees and bushes around your property or to light up a water feature.

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